An old hiking proverb:
If you hike a long distance, you may want to eat something.


Food is very important; yes, even for the ultralight hiker! It has to be light, but provide all the important nutrients and vitamins. Freeze dried foods are quite common, but they are said not to be the best nutrition for a hike that lasts several weeks.

An interesting difference to our daily diet:
A lot of us try and avoid fatty foods and sugar in our 'normal' diet. If you want to hike for 1000 miles, believe me, some fat is very good! With this in mind, Whole Milk Powder is better than Non Fat Milk Powder . You get the picture.

If you are new to hiking, and don't know at all what foods to pack, just read the recipes. You will pick up what the idea is behind (ultralight) hiking foods: lightweight and high in nutrition


Well, there's not much here yet, but it only opened recently, and we're waiting for you to submit your recipe!

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Well, guess what?
his page is all about food and food related stuff. There are some books out there that deal with exactly this subject; hiking recipes.
That is very good.
However, just like the rest of this website, we believe that instead of shelling out $10 or $20, we can all come together and offer something here for free. This website will be giving more and more control over to you, the hiker. So therefore this page aswell will rely on
It is important to the success of this page that you submit your recipe to us, and we'll post them here. To make things more exciting we have made the submission of recipes the contest #4!

By the way, we'd all appreciate if you only submit recipes that you have tried out yourself and that actually worked and didn't taste like 'Liquid Plumber' ;-)




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