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You can e-mail your own pictures to us, and we will post them. Include as much or as little information as you want.

This is a two step process:

  • 1) First fill out the form below. And click the Submit Now!button.
  • 2) Then send the image(s) as JPG, GIF file (no BMP or TIF files, please!) to: pictures (at) ultralight-hiking (dot) com

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By sending the picture(s) to us, you accept that we can do with it (them) what we want. If we post it on this site, no monies are due to you for displaying it there. Furthermore, it is possible for a third party to download the image for their own purposes. Although this would infringe on our copyright, we cannot be made liable for any use or misuse of the image(s). We will make every effort to credit the image to you, with the information you provide; and we are relying on the information the supplier provides to be accurate.
Please send the image as JPG or GIF or BMP files only. We reserve the right to alter the file size of the image, by either reducing its size, or by changing the file type.
There, that's that stuff out of the way...

Remember to send your image files too. Thank you.

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