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Compass SILVA Type27 Small and effective. 

21.5 g
0.76 oz

Compass SILVA Type15E Good quality but too big for ultralight!

81.1 g
2.86 oz

STORM® Whistle It's loud! Quite heavy – for a whistle!

19.8 g
0.70 oz

BIC Lighter 'Mini' Small and effective. 

11.6 g
0.41 oz

BIC Lighter 'Normal' No comment!

22.0 g
0.78 oz

SALEWA Cup A favourite in Europe! 

60.5 g
2.14 oz

Comb For people with hair. 

7.2 g
0.26 oz

EZEE Trowel To bury your sh&%!

55.3 g
1.95 oz

more to come....


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