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2 August 2002
Started 12 September 2000

What Titanium cutlery are you interested in?
[1303 votes total]

Not interested in titanium cutlery! (403) 31%
Spoon only (398) 31%
Knife, spoon, and fork (181) 14%
Spoon and fork (132) 10%
Depends on hike! (60) 5%
Spoon and Knife (50) 4%
Not sure (31) 2%
Knife only (25) 2%
Fork only (17) 1%
Knife and fork (6) 0%

 Comments received:

  • Spork! How come the most popular choice for this poll is not available IN the poll? What rocket scientist figired this poll out anyway?
    Jul 24th 2002 12:00:15 AM
  • Titanium cutlery: Lexan everytime ... cheaper, lighter.
    Jun 30th 2002 04:17:10 AM
  • Titanium Cutlery: One small Lexan spoon is all you need to eat with but any prudent backpacker carries a cutting tool. I am interested in the lightest one that works. That may or may not be titanium. I currently use a small 2.5 inch gerber that is half serrated half straight bladed, and weighs 1.25 oz. Is there a titanium equivalent that is Lighter?
    Apr 1st 2002 03:43:19 PM
  • Titanium silverware: I have a MSR fork/spoon combo that has done quite well for the past three years. REDUCE WEIGHT=ENJOY HIKING!!!!
    Mar 24th 2002 04:02:34 PM
  • Lexan spoon! titaniun is too expensive, the spork will scratch the heck out of many nonstick pots.
    sometimes keep it cheap and simple.
    Feb 28th 2002 10:02:18 AM
    Feb 3rd 2002 12:44:38 AM
  • Titanium, expense and the brand craze: I'm keen to reduce pack weight but not obsessed with brands.
    I use recycled PET bottles for water & fuel (not SIGG Aluminium) and a plastic spoon.
    Food bowl is Vitalite margarine tub with lid.
    Pen knife is wooden Opinel not multi-tool Swiss Army.
    Stove is Trangia of course.
    Beware a large pack, it's all too tempting to fill it.
    Oct 10th 2001 01:03:39 AM
  • im not interested in titanium but some may be interested in a spork which isnt one of your answers.
    Sep 10th 2001 08:08:20 PM
  • i have a lexan spoon (and a spare for a friend). what more could i need? Aug 12th 2001 06:35:54 PM
  • Chopsticks!
    Aug 4th 2001 11:52:12 PM
  • alluminium is the best you ll get in cambodia,
    Aug 3rd 2001 05:42:03 AM
  • i use a one-piece titanium spork (spoon with slots removed to create fork),
    Jul 30th 2001 09:53:32 AM
  • Titanium Sporks can be found at www.killerdeals.com!
    Jul 1st 2001 04:32:31 PM
  • The Snow Peak Spork Rules! What else is there??
    Jul 1st 2001 04:31:38 PM
  • A "spork" (combo spoon and fork) would be ideal.
    Jun 26th 2001 12:35:49 PM
  • knife,spoon and fork
    Jun 14th 2001 04:08:41 PM
  • Lexan good enough; Jun 14th 2001 11:19:21 AM
  • plastic is lighter;
    May 31st 2001 11:00:58 AM
  • Même dans le mauvais terrain que vous devriez pouvoir faire 2 km par l'heure. Plaît la provision que votre email adresse. Considère, Marius. mal@ultralight-hiking.com;
    May 30th 2001 05:52:10 AM
  • Je ne suis pas trop sûr si je comprends votre question correctement. Si vous demandez si vous pouvez voyager 15 km par le jour le répond à est oui. Même dans le mauvais terrain que vous devriez pouvoir faire 2 km par l'heure. Plaît la provision que v;
    May 30th 2001 05:49:33 AM
  • je suis quebecois et je veux qu`on me repond en francais s.v.p. Ce que je veux est de faire une rendonee de survis de 5 jours de marche.Mon but est de marcher 3 jours pour aller(10a15km/pars jours)et20a25km/pars jours pour revenir a la civilation!...
    Apr 13th 2001 09:19:13 PM
  • If you cook the right meals all you need is a spoon, and your teeth.
    Feb 23rd 2001 08:53:51 PM
  • spork?
    Feb 20th 2001 05:08:54 PM
  • I am so sorry those who are not outdoor people have ruined the free O-ring for the rest of us. I've been hiking and going on week canoe trips since 13 yrs old. People who don't know the outdoors, don't know what they are missing!
    Feb 8th 2001 07:50:23 AM
  • for home use -- nontoxic, longlasting
    Jan 11th 2001 04:35:19 AM
  • plastic is just as light and much cheaper
    Jan 6th 2001 08:31:45 PM
  • Titanium is lighter, stronger, and faster than the six million dollar man, OK maybe not that strong, but with the MSR Ti-Spoon tool, you have the best of both worlds.
    Dec 27th 2000 07:17:56 PM
  • Now that titanium is on the market, why would anyone use something else?
    Dec 27th 2000 07:15:24 PM
  • Where can I find titanium cutlery
    Dec 4th 2000 11:57:42 PM
  • Do you really anything more than a spoon?
    Oct 31st 2000 06:32:26 AM
  • why waiste your money here
    Oct 28th 2000 10:29:56 AM
  • plastic is ok but it is no sturdy enough for regular daliy use
    Oct 15th 2000 05:38:41 PM
  • Titanium does not bent easly it makes digging into hard or frozen food easy I have found nothing makes a person mor angry than to stick a fork or spoon into hard food and have bend on you
    Oct 15th 2000 05:36:37 PM
  • to expensive!
    Oct 1st 2000 09:56:45 AM
  • The plastic cutlery is excellent. I have a set that I've been using since they first came onto the market and they still look brand new
    Sep 18th 2000 10:02:02 PM


12 September 2000
Started 27 February 2000

Do you like websites with lots of advertising?
[278 votes total]

No, not at all. (152) 55%
No, that's why I like this site! (50) 18%
I don't care. (39) 14%
Yes, I love them! (22) 08%
Depends on hike! (8) 03%
I don't know. (7) 03%

 Comments received:

  • advertisments suck Aug 28th 2000 11:53:02 PM
  • very pleased to find your site on a subject near and dear to my heart. Jun 14th 2000 02:48:22 PM
  • koool Apr 13th 2000 08:43:21 AM
  • Links only please! Apr 7th 2000 11:26:27 PM


27 February 2000
Started 30 October 1999

How many persons do you normally hike with?
[215 votes total]

I hike alone! Always! (58) 27%
I hike normally with only one other person. (49) 23%
I normally hike with 2 or 3 other persons. (41) 19%
I like to hike with just my spouse. (23) 11%
People? I just hike with my dog!! (17) 08%
I normally hike with more than 3 other persons. (16) 07%
Other...... (11) 05%

 Comments received:

  • I always hike in a high numbered group 4-10 people pfcourse we're all 18 and under Dec 28th 1999 09:47:53 PM
  • You should hike with more then three people so if someone gets hurt you can send someone back for help. Dec 18th 1999 07:21:11 AM
  • I don't necessarily like to hike alone but so many people in the world that I know don't enjoy hiking. I certainly can't not hike because I don't know people that do. Dec 13th 1999 02:07:41 AM
  • The "enduro dog" Welsh terrier likes 8 hour jaunts with no water save the puddlets found in forest-floor leaves. She barks not.

30 October 1999
Started 6 September 1999, viewed 279 times, running 55 days

How do you treat your drinking water?
[168 votes total]

With a filtration system (PurLife, etc.) (99) 59%
Depends on hike! (28) 17%
With chemicals (iodine, etc.) (26) 15%
I don't treat my water at all! (10) 06%
Other... (04) 02%
Water? I don't drink water! (01) 01%

6 September 1999
Started 25 May 1999, viewed 278 times, running 104 days

Hiking Poles? Good idea or useless?
[72 votes total]

Very useful (41) 57%
Depends on hike! (15) 21%
Useless equipment (11) 15%
I don't know (05) 07%


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