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Not much to write here; the Lexan (plastic) spoon is really the most popular amongst ultralight hikers. It's lightweight and so-called indestructible.
The 'norm' is to chop and cut the spoon even further to reduce weight. Keep in mind though, that this item will be one of the lightest pieces of equipment you will have anyway, so cutting some off doesn't have a great impact on the overall packweight.
By the way, the Lexan knife doesn't score very well here, because a pocket knife will serve as a better cutting tool.
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Quick Rating
Lexan Table Spoon

11.4 g
0.40 oz

Lexan Tea Spoon

7.8 g
0.28 oz

Lexan Fork

11.4 g
0.40 oz

Lexan Knife

14.2 g
0.50 oz

picture coming soon
Swiss Army Stainless Steel Cutlery Set, Fork (29.2 g) & Spoon (34.3 g)

63.5 g
2.24 oz

Get one from your kitchen to see what it looks like! Household Stainless Table Spoon (weight varies much!)

42.4 g
1.50 oz

Titanium Spoon

? g
? oz

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